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Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Content Marketing’s Best Kept Secret: Create a Content Scoring System ( 4/4 ).

Why Scoring Content is Worth Your Time

I know you might be thinking that scoring content is a ton of work, but trust me. It’s worth it. Once your team understands your consumers and how to measure content’s success, the end goal will convince you that it is, in fact, worth your time.

First Impressions Matter: It’s so much easier for a brand to push away consumers with poor content than it is to impress consumers with amazing content. First impressions really are everything. As soon as a potential consumer visits your website, they’re going to pass judgment (good or bad). If that consumer stumbles across even one poor piece of content, they’ll assume the rest is the same, resulting in them not visiting your site again. However, if the content is good, they’ll start coming back for more, which might lead to conversions.
A Collective Method: The best things come to those who wait. Scoring your content won’t guarantee a quick increase in leads. These things take time. Every time you score your content, you’re gathering a better understanding for your consumers, which will collectively lead to you reaching your goals.
Scoring vs. Social Media: While some might believe that their number of Twitter followers makes them successful, that’s actually not the case. So what if your company has 500,000 followers? Are they actually reading your content? Probably not. Scoring enables you to evaluate your content directly by scoring its success.
Quality over Quantity: While it’s good to have a consistent flow of content, it’s better to make sure that content is high-quality. Consumers would rather read one great piece of content rather than five average ones.
During the scoring process, keep these things in mind:
A Constant Cycle: Even if you feel the results of your content couldn’t be more successful, make sure you’re still scoring. Consumers are constantly changing, which means your content needs to be as well. Make sure you’re scoring your content at least once a month in order to keep up with changes.
It’s Out of Your Hands: Once the content is published, you need to let the consumers take charge of their journey. Not all consumers are going to take the journey you’re leading them to, and that is okay! Once you understand the steps your consumers are taking, you can continue to improve your content and website.
Now that you’ve developed an understanding of your consumers, their journeys, and what content works, you’ll notice an increase of conversions. Once you start scoring, you’ll develop an idea of what content to keep and what content to scrap in order to deliver it to those who find it helpful.
 Featured Image: iluistrator via Shutterstock
Screenshots taken December 2014

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