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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Drive Massive Traffic with Instagram Marketing: A Sumo-Sized Guide

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Drive Massive Traffic with Instagram Marketing: A Sumo-Sized Guide

The step-by-step guide to conquer Instagram marketing & drive traffic to your site (with swipe files to make it easier)

The date was December 11, 2015.
The event: a challenge.
"I want you to pick a platform we’re not on yet and grow it rapidly. Set a traffic goal and make a plan."
Immediately, I knew I wanted to choose Instagram. I’d seen friends and previous clients use Instagram to:
  • Build following from 0-10,000 in a month
  • Build their email lists with Instagram like nobody’s business
  • Drive massive traffic back to their websites.
So I set out to create the quant-based marketing plan that was responsible for taking SumoMe’s Instagram following of under 1,000 in February to 88,000 in just six months.
More impressively, we took our Instagram following to 50,000 in under 3 months.
But I get it. The title of this post promises to teach you how to drive traffic from Instagram. So why am I mentioning follower count?
Well, because Instagram is a feed. And naturally, the more followers you have, the more feeds your posts end up in, and the more eyes on your website, content, and products.
So I’m going to teach you everything I know about building a massive following and drive more traffic to your website with Instagram marketing.
This guide is serious business. To grow our account so quickly, we used marketing plans, tools, SOPs, and more. So I’ve put together a swipe file, including this guide, that I’m giving away to you for the low, low price of...well, free.
Click here to download the FREE swipe file.
Naturally, this is a jam-packed guide. So I’ve broken it down into chapters:
how to do instagram marketing
Answering all of life's deepest questions: is Instagram marketing right for your business?

Chapter 1: Why You NEED to Be on Instagram in 2017 and Beyond

Answering all of life's deepest questions: is Instagram marketing right for your business?

That’s how many monthly active users are on Instagram right now. In fact, 28% of the internet uses Instagram.
That means thats Instagram has officially bypassed Twitter, Snapchat, and even Pinterest as far as social reach.
And despite Instagram overlords announcing an algorithmic feed, it’s still an incredibly engaged social platform.
I mean, think about it. We know visual content works. It works on Facebook, it works on Twitter, and it works on your website.
Visual content collects 40x more social shares than any other form of content.
Guess what’s almost 100% visual content?
With over a quarter of the internet using Instagram, chances are your target audience is also spending time on this monstrous social platform.
IG marketing
But I don’t want to lie to you, dear reader. So in the interest of full disclosure, I’m just going to come right out and say it:
Not every audience is on Instagram.
For example, while 55% of 18-29 year olds actively use Instagram, only 11% of the 50-64 age group use it. And if you’re targeting 65+, that drops to 4%:
instagram marketing stats
Which means that if your target audience is under the age of 50, you reach a sizeable portion of them through Instagram.
But if they’re over 50? You’re better to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook.
The type of business you run also has a lot to do with whether your audience is on Instagram. To anchor this a bit more, let’s look at it this way:
  • People love food porn. If you’re a food blogger, chances are your audience is on Instagram (waiting for you to post images of decadent brownies dripping with salted caramel)
  • Fitspiration is a thing. If you’re a personal trainer, your audience is on Instagram (waiting for you to post images that will shame that decadent brownie recipe right off of their browser)
  • We want to see the products we buy. If you’re a clothing eCommerce store owner, your audience is on Instagram (dreaming of how they’ll look in your products after closing the brownie recipe tab, doing a few jumping jacks and seeing the lifestyle shot of that new dress you just got in).
Coaches, nutritionists, virtual assistants, marketers, consultants, bloggers, dating experts, and -- well, let’s be real -- a shit ton of other niches lend themselves to Instagram riches.
Before moving forward with this guide (because remember - information is useless unless it’s applied) consider whether your audience is on Instagram.
Good. Let’s get going.
Running short on time? Click the button below to download a FREE eBook with this entire process, including bonus material like our Instagram marketing plan and SOPs.
Click here to download the FREE swipe file.
Instagram marketing
You need some foundations in place before you can truly conquer Instagram. I'll show you step-by-step how.

Chapter 2: Instagram Foundations to Become a Traffic Generating Machine

You need some foundations in place before you can truly conquer Instagram. I'll show you step-by-step how.

As nice as it would be to be able to just jump in with two feet and conquer Instagram, before you can open the traffic floodgates, you need to set up some infrastructure.
In this chapter I’ll show you how to set up your Instagram account to give you the best chance in driving a ton of traffic from your profile.
And of course, it all starts with having a solid plan.

Create an Instagram Marketing Plan

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to start an Instagram account and pound the pavement to start posting content.
Any progress you make if you take this approach will be difficult to track and haphazard at best.
Instead of just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks, you’ve gotta create a plan and then track your progress like it’s your job.
Because, well… it sort of is. Ever hear that awesome quote:
"What gets measured gets managed"?
Hat tip to Peter Drucker for that piece of gold. It’s something that we live, eat and breathe at SumoMe.
That means that to reach our marketing goals, we create plans using the quant based marketing approach.
If you’ve never heard of quant-based marketing, it’s the simple approach of creating a strategy to reach a set target by working backward from that goal. This approach is one of the biggest reasons we were able to grow our Instagram following so quickly, so I’m just going to come out and say it…
You need to create a marketing plan for your Instagram growth.
Set a traffic goal for yourself, and then work backward from that goal to reverse-engineer your success.
You may be a bit lost on how to set an accurate traffic goal for yourself, but accuracy is not exactly the point. This goal is supposed to be a projection, a goal, and an estimation.
Here are some guidelines for your goal, but you need to set one yourself based on what you’d like to see.
  • Time frame: 90 days. Anything past 90 days is nearly pointless to envision. Too much can change past that timeframe.
  • Tracking: I suggest tracking weekly. You may not engage in activities that directly drive traffic every single day, so tracking your progress weekly will help give you solid data.
  • Growth rate: You’re not going to double your Instagram traffic week over week. That’s unrealistic. But you can expect a healthy growth rate of anywhere between 10-40% (40% being on the high end, if you have a budget for the growth).
  • Follower count: To reach a traffic goal, you’ll have to reach a follower goal. Make sure to make a goal there, too.
When you’re creating your plan, remember that like with almost all social media, Instagram growth is exponential rather than linear.
It’s far easier to go from 10,000 followers to 12,000 followers than it is to go from 0 followers to 2,000 followers.
When I was creating SumoMe’s Instagram marketing plan, I worked backward from the goal, which was 3,000 weekly visitors from Instagram by week 12. To land on that goal, it meant we needed a 37% growth rate week over week:
instagram marketing plan
Don’t want to have to create your own Instagram marketing plan from scratch? Click the button below to get our template for FREE.
Click here to download the FREE template.
In our marketing plan, I built out tabs for:
  • The raw numbers
  • Assumptions
  • The strategy by which we’d tackle the challenge
  • The relevant hashtags we’d use to reach our audience, including the reach of each
  • The different types of quotes and content we’d use
  • Link tracking and the traffic to each link
Track anything you possibly can that will help you understand your audience, analyze your growth rate, and find out whether you’re on track.
You don’t need to mess around in your plan every day, but having one is crucial for success.
Once you’ve set your marketing plan, you have to set up your profile to conquer all.

Nail Down the Perfect Instagram Username

Want to hear a funny story?
When we first started on Instagram, the username "SumoMe" was already spoken for.
It’s true. It belonged to somebody who hadn’t used it in 2 years, and had only posted a few times prior to that.
So our username was TeamSumoMe, which was not ideal. We managed to get SumoMe from the previous user because it was an inactive account, but for the first few weeks of project Instagram takeover, our audience was confused.
When I’d refer to my takeover of Instagram, our audience would try to look up @SumoMe and come across a profile that was most decidedly not in line with our brand. Naturally, we lost likely hundreds of new followers because our tribe couldn’t find us.
I’m not telling you this for fun, though. After all, it’s not that interesting of a story.
I’m telling you this to demonstrate just how important your username on Instagram is.
Your username should represent not only your business but also your personal brand (if you have one). So, this all begs the question… should you use your name, or your business’ name as your handle on Instagram?
Here’s a quick guide:
  • Use your name (or a like identifier) on Instagram if you have a strong personal brand or you are synonymous with your brand.
  • Use your brand’s name if your brand is more identifiable than your name, or if your brand is made up of more than one personality.
For example, Noah Kagan is one of SumoMe’s founders, but he has his own strong personal brand aside from SumoMe. SumoMe is a brand entity on its own, and it’s made up of a couple dozen personalities.
However, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income fame uses his name as his handle:
ig marketing
Pat not only has a strong personal brand, but his brand is truly his brand - you don’t think of anybody else except for Pat when you think of Smart Passive Income.
Protip: To figure out what the best handle is for your IG account, consider whether your audience is more likely to search your brand’s name or your name when they’re looking you up on social media. If you’re not sure, ask.
If you’re not starting from scratch on Instagram, you’ve already chosen your username. Fret not: you can change your username once.
Either way, make sure to choose your username wisely.
Once you’ve nailed down the perfect username, you can...

Craft the Perfect Instagram Bio

Are you committing this silly Instagram sin?
Like this person:
instagram marketing
And this person:
ig marketing plan
That’s bio abuse. And an abused bio isn’t a cooperative bio. It’s not going to generate traffic, likes, and shares to your website.
See, your Instagram bio is literally the only link option available on the entire social platform.
You can’t link within your posts. You can’t add links to your comments. And you certainly don’t have calls to action buttons like on Facebook.
Nope, your bio is the only place you can add a link. So to list facts about yourself in your bio is like going to the doctor for a sore back and using your entire appointment telling her about your weekend. Fun, maybe, but not useful.
Instead of committing bio abuse, rework your bio to include a call to action leading to your website or even better, an opt-in offer.
See how our Instagram account has a compelling call to action based on what we know our followers and target audience wants?
ig marketing
The perfect Instagram bio has the following elements:
  1. A short, punchy description of what you do. Be as specific as possible. Example: "The best FREE marketing tips and tools to grow your website's traffic".
  2. An identifier of who you do it for. Who is your target audience? You need to communicate to those people whether or not they should be following you. Example: "your website’s traffic" indicates that we build our apps for people with websites and want more traffic.
  3. A strong call to action. This is what most people are missing with their Instagram bios. What do you want your new follower to do? You don’t want them to just read your bio and bounce. Give them something to do next while you have their attention. Example: "Get 20%+ more traffic now".
  4. Emojis. Emojis are eye-catching and provide lines of sight. Use an attention-grabbing emoji (or three!) to lead the viewer's eye directly to your bio link.
  5. A strong, trackable bio link. This link will lead to a landing page, your content, a product page, or your homepage. Using words like "free" in your link like I do on my Instagram account is compelling and attention grabbing:
    instagram profile hacks
    I’ll show you in the next section how to set your bio link (and any other links you’re using on Instagram) so you can actually track that traffic.
  6. BONUS: Social proofSocial proof should be used as much as possible in all of your marketing activities. This will tip the scales for getting more followers, double-taps, and bio link clicks. Example: "used by 372,000+ websites".
When you’ve set up the perfect Instagram bio, you need to set the link and track that traffic.

Track Your Instagram Traffic

One of the most frustrating things about Instagram right now is that you can’t track traffic from it.
Don’t shoot! I’m just the messenger.
If you don’t use a link tracking service, you could go through all the steps in this guide, start driving massive traffic to your website through Instagram, and then never see any of that traffic in Google Analytics.
Then you’d just want to throw in the towel. After all, it wouldn't appear that any of this works, right?
So for the love of all Sumo-Sized Guides everywhere, please use the method below to track your links, ladies and gents.

Step 1: Set Up a UTM Source Code

A UTM source code is a way of manually adding a trackable code to your links so you can gather data on them in Google Analytics.
If that made no sense, here’s the simple version:
It’s a bunch of text you put at the end of your URL to see where your traffic is coming from.
For example, our WordPress plugins Sumo-Sized Guide’s URL is:
But, if we wanted to track how much traffic is coming from Instagram, we could add this bit of text at the end (in bold):
This won’t change the page that it takes you to on the website, it will just add that little identifier at the end. You can add any identifier after the URL and ?src=. Add Twitter, Facebook, random-blog-post, or anything that you want to track.
Protip: If you want to get super meta and fancy, you can even track the traffic coming from individual posts you make on Instagram. For example, say you wanted to know how much traffic was coming from a call to action post you published on December 12 vs. how much traffic is coming from your bio link. You could do a source code that said: http://yoururlhere.com/blog/your-article?src=instagram-post-12-12.
After you’ve created a source code for Instagram, you need to shorten it.

Step 2: Shorten Your Trackable Link With a URL Shortener

You can only post 150 characters in your Instagram bio.
That doesn’t seem like much, especially with all of the elements of a rock solid bio I listed above, right?
So you don’t want to waste characters with a long link; not to mention that UTM source codes sort of make the link ugly. And we’re vain.
So you want to take that URL you just created with the trackable source code at the end, pull up your favorite URL shortening service and generate a shorter, more manageable link.
Why don’t you just use the URL shortening service to track the data instead of the URL, you ask? Well, because then you won’t be able to see that traffic in your Google Analytics dashboard, and you’re placing all of your links and analytics data into the hands of a third party.
So try to use the shortener only for the job it’s intended to do.
Here are a couple that will do the trick:
  • Pretty Link: I highly recommend using Pretty Link to shorten up your URL rather than an external service. Pretty Link is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom links and "pretty them up". The advantage Pretty Link has over the other options, is that it uses your URL - and you have control over how it looks. For example, if you use Bit.ly as a URL shortener, it will look something like this: http://bit.ly/2aydeRp. Whereas if you used Pretty Link, it could look like this: http://sumome.com/free-IG
  • Bit.ly: If for some reason you don’t want to use Pretty Link, you have too many plugins already or maybe you just hate pretty links, convenience and puppies, you can use a URL shortening service like Bit.ly. This will do the trick as well.
  • Clkim: Clkim is a branded URL shortening service that is a great alternative to Bit.ly. It provides in-depth analytics for your links and allows you to track them comprehensively.
Once you've shortened that link and started generating traffic to it, here’s how you can find out just how much traffic the big Insta is sending you.

Step 3: Monitor Your Instagram Traffic in Google Analytics

Once you have your trackable link and it’s sitting pretty in your Instagram bio, you’re probably sitting there refreshing your Google Analytics window over and over again eager to see the traffic start rolling in, right?
But the tricky part is finding exactly where in your Google Analytics dashboard you can see the traffic from Instagram.
You won’t see it in your Audience Overview. You have to do a bit of digging - but don’t worry, it’s not too complicated.
First, open up Google Analytics. Then, on the left under the Reporting tab, press Behaviour.
how to set up instagram
Under Behaviour, expand Site Content, and then click on Landing Pages:
instagram marketing profile
From there, you can search "Instagram" or any identifier you used in your UTM codes:
marketing on instagram
Then, you’ll be able to see the traffic from Instagram in your Google Analytics dashboard.
Running short on time? Click the button below to download a FREE eBook with this entire process, including bonus material like our Instagram marketing plan and SOPs.
instagram marketing
The mind-blowingly effective free AND paid ways to blow up your IG following (so those followers can turn into visitors, subscribers, and customers)

Chapter 3: How to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Following

The mind-blowingly effective free AND paid ways to blow up your IG following (so those followers can turn into visitors, subscribers, and customers)

Alright, so we know that Instagram is a great platform for driving not only traffic, but also opt-ins for your email list.
And that’s all true. But that traffic and those email subscribers are dependent on how many followers you have.
See, Instagram is a feed. So only the people who follow you will see your posts unless you boost them in Instagram by paying for ads.
The main method of driving traffic back to your site from Instagram is through Call to Action posts (which we’ll cover in depth in Chapter 4). And the more people you get those CTA posts in front of, the more effective they’ll be for driving traffic.
So here’s how to build up your Instagram following like crazy.
how to grow instagram following

The 4 Free Ways of Getting More Followers

Needless to say, if you have a budget to throw behind your Instagram growth, it’s going to grow much faster than if you have no budget.
In full disclosure, SumoMe had a budget to grow our Instagram account. We did throw some money at it, so unless you can do the same, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to gain 49,000 followers in 3 months.
But that doesn't mean you can’t grow rapidly using free Instagram follower growth methods.
Here are all the ways you can get more followers for free.
I’ve ordered them by effectiveness. You can do all of these things or just one or two, depending on how quickly you want to grow.
Disclaimer: Please only choose what you’re comfortable with. If one of these methods doesn’t jive with you or seems spammy, move onto the next method.

Strategy #1: Share for Shares

One of the hands-down most effective ways we’ve used to grow our following on Instagram for free is through "share for shares".
This is when you identify similar accounts that reach the audience you want to reach (and vice versa) and you both post a Call to Action post to follow the other account. Here’s an example:
  1. I see an account that has a similar amount of followers to us. Let’s call it @S4SExample. The account reaches the audience that we want to reach, and we reach the audience that @S4SExample wants to reach
  2. I message @S4SExample and ask them if they are up for a share for share, or S4S
  3. @S4SExample says yes, and identifies a post of @SumoMe’s they think will appeal to their audience. I identify a post on @S4SExample’s feed that I think will appeal to @SumoMe’s followers.
  4. I post @S4SExample’s post on our feed, with a call to action to follow @S4SExample
  5. @S4SExample posts our post on their feed, with a call to action to follow @SumoMe.
Here’s an example of a share for share:
These are so effective because share for shares are exponential. As you get larger and grow your account, you can start working with larger accounts, driving a lot of followers to each.
At first, if you have under 1000 followers, you’ll be working with accounts of a similar size. You can expect 5-10 new followers for every share for share you do.
But as you grow to 5,000-10,000 followers, you can expect 20-30 new followers, scaling from there.
With SumoMe, we made a goal to do 4 share for shares per day, or about 33% of the content we were posting. You have to mix these up with your own content (otherwise the accounts you’re working with will have nothing to share, not to mention that you’ll piss off your followers).
To find accounts to do a share for share with, you really just need to start with one or two. From there, you can find like accounts by expanding their account, and clicking onto the similar accounts:
instagram marketing tools
When you’ve identified an account you want to do a S4S with, you can either message them on Kik (if they’ve listed their Kik username in their profile) or direct message them on Instagram.
The preference is that you message them on Kik, which is an app you can download to your phone that many Instagrammers use to communicate.
The problem with direct messaging them in Instagram is that if they don’t follow you back, your message will go into their Message Requests folder, which means that they won’t be notified of a new message until they go into their messages to check.
Instagram marketing
Usually, Instagrammers know what a S4S is, but if you’re starting from scratch and targeting accounts who have fewer than 1,000 followers, the account owners might not, so you may have to explain it to them.
The messages you send don’t have to be complicated.
Just say something like "Hey, want to do a S4S?". Here’s how we were approached:
how to do Instagram marketing
You don’t have to make it more complicated than that. Just a simple ask and then a post.
When you’re doing a S4S, for maximum benefit to both of you, make sure the call to action is clear, and not buried under a reams of text. If you check the S4S I included above, we tag the other account early in the caption and explicitly tell our followers to go follow the other account.
If there’s a mutual benefit to the S4S, you could be setting up a relationship where you share each other's content for a long time.

Strategy #2: Follow/Unfollow

Alright, some people don’t like this method of getting more followers. But even so, it works.
This is a method by which many of the huge accounts you see out there today grew their following rapidly.
The concept on this one is simple: you follow the followers of similar accounts, in hopes that they’ll follow you back.
Because Instagram is still "up and coming", there aren’t a lot of spammers or companies spending time there. So when you only have 125 followers, and most of them are your friends and family, you notice when somebody new follows you.
What if that somebody new was similar to another account that you were following because you were interested in the content?
By golly, you’d probably follow them back!
By following the audience that you want to reach, you’re making them aware of your existence. You show up in their notifications as a recent new follower, and it’s easy for them to just press the + button to follow you as well.
how to do instagram marketing
Let’s use an example. Let’s say you were a personal trainer, and you had online fitness programs. You wanted to build your Instagram account to build your email list and conversions.
You might identify that the uber-popular Instagrammer Kayla Itsines already reaches your target audience. You create similar content and inspire people on your Instagram feed to lose weight and feel better about themselves.
Chances are, Kayla’s audience will also enjoy the content that you publish.

Follow Your Target Audience For 30% More Followers

Because there’s a process for everything, here’s the ideal follow/unfollow process - so you don’t lose friends and alienate people by spamming them with following and unfollowing them.
Step 1: Find accounts who already have large followings of your target audience.
Step 2: Click on to their followers, and begin following any of the accounts that don’t look like spam and match your target audience.
Step 3: Repeat this every hour up to 60 new follows.
After you’ve followed these accounts, you can increase the chances that they’ll follow you back by engaging with them on Instagram. Like and comment on their posts.
We’ve found that around 30% of the accounts that we follow will follow us back.
This might seem super promising - after all, you could just follow thousands of people every day and grow super quickly, right?
Well, not necessarily. Instagram doesn't want any spambots mass following and unfollowing, so it’s imposed follow limits.
You can only follow 7500 accounts, and per hour you can only perform 60 actions (follow and unfollow).
Protip: Even though there are follow limits, Instagram still may flag you as a spammer and block your account from following and unfollowing anyone if you’re hitting the pavement too hard. Don’t be too aggressive. You don’t want to lose your privileges or be seen as a spammer.

Unfollow The People Who Haven’t Followed You Back

This is called the follow/unfollow method rather than just the "follow" method because you don’t want to continue following any accounts that have not followed you back.
There are two reasons for this:
  1. You can only follow 7500 accounts overall on Instagram, and you don’t want to waste those follows
  2. If you’re following far more people than are following you, this works as anti social proof. This means that if your audience sees that you have fewer followers than you’re following, they won’t want to follow you. It’s like asking every girl you know to prom just to have a backup. It seems desperate.
This is where you should sign up for a Crowdfire account. Crowdfire sorts out the people who aren’t following you back and gives you an easy way to unfollow them, removing the extra work of having to go to each profile and see whether they’re following you back.
Step 1: Sign up for a Crowdfire account. Crowdfire is a tool that allows you to follow the followers of selected accounts, and avoid following those you’ve already unfollowed.
Step 3: Click on the "Non Followers" tab:
grow blog with instagram
Step 4: Unfollow the accounts that aren’t following you by pressing the red button beside the username.
I recommend setting a schedule yourself to follow and unfollow. Maximize the amount of follows you can do in one day by fulfilling Instagram’s limit of 60 actions per hour as much as possible, and then set one or two days per week when you only unfollow.
Remember: first followed, first unfollowed. Meaning unfollow those you followed first who aren’t following you. If you just followed the person a day ago and they’re not following you yet, it might be premature to unfollow them.
Protip: To avoid being spammerific, I highly recommend you interact with the people you’re following before unfollowing them. Go into your feed periodically and like their posts, comment on their photos and videos and engage with them.
If they still don’t follow you, chances are it’s because they made the conscious decision not to.
If you just unfollow people a couple of days after following them, you may not have given them the chance to notice you and follow you back.
ToolsCrowdfire, which allows you to see who is not following you back and then go and unfollow them without messing around in Instagram itself.

Strategy #3: Using Relevant Hashtags

I recently moved "back" to Vancouver after a short, 6 month stint of vagabonding.
Because I was new (again) to the city and had never lived in the city proper before, I didn’t really know what was going on. And guys, lemme just say - summers in Vancouver are the bomb dot com, and I wanted to stay active in the community with events.
So, I took it to Instagram.
I searched a few Vancouver-related hashtags to see what people were posting about, and ended up finding some great Instagram accounts that have led me to some events and things to do around the city:
iG marketing
You better bet that once I found those accounts, I followed them.
And I followed them because they were using the hashtags I was searching.
On social media, especially Instagram, hashtags are still highly a relevant way to search for content surrounding a theme or idea.
Your audience is almost definitely using hashtags, too, so to grow your account, it’s important that you use all of the hashtags Instagram allows for each post.
Right now, each post on Instagram can have 30 hashtags.
I highly suggest having a bank of hashtags that you can use and pull from. We sort our hashtags into a spreadsheet that help us organize which we want to use for each post, so we can maximize the impact of each post.
Brainstorm 30-50 hashtags that you can use on a regular basis and paste them into a spreadsheet for easy tracking.
SumoMe does this in a tab on our Instagram marketing plan. Don’t want to make your own? Grab ours for free by clicking the button below:
Click here to download the FREE marketing plan.
Once you have a list of relevant hashtags for your brand, you want to use them in your posts.
Don’t actually post them in your post, however. Comment on the post after it’s up so that you don’t break the flow of the nice Instagram post. See how we’ve done this with our posts?:
Not sure which hashtags to use?
Search popular accounts similar to yours to see what hashtags they use. Then, allow yourself to be sucked down the rabbit hole. Click on the hashtag and see what the top posters are using.
Protip: Choose hashtags that aren’t too big, but aren’t tiny, either. If you have fewer than 10,000 followers, aim for over 100,000 posts, but under 1,000,000. You want to aim to get to the "Top Posts" of those hashtags, which isn’t outside of the realm of possibility if you choose hashtags that aren’t too huge.

Strategy #4: Engage With Other Accounts to Get More Followers

Let’s face it. You’re not Beyonce.
get traffic from ig
I know. Shocking.
So as a regular user of social media, one of the best things is to get comments and engagement on your posts, right?
And this is especially true if you don’t have a ton of followers and you haven’t become accustomed to dozens of comments on each Facebook post, Tweet, or ‘gram.
If you even have just a small following you’d probably recognize a user who comments on a post every once in awhile or likes your posts and likely start following them back.
That’s why engaging with your target audience on Instagram is a crazy effective way to not only grow your following, but also build relationships with your target audience.
Not only that, but it’s also effective in gaining social proof. After all, if you're engaging with the people you follow on Instagram, they’re more likely to engage with your posts. And if your posts consistently have a large number of "likes" and comments on them, others will see you as more legit and be more likely to follow suit.
There are three ways to engage on Instagram for more growth:
  1. Engage with the users you’re already following. Like the posts in your feed, comment on any that catch your eye, and message the people who resonate with you. This is will help you increase the ratio of people you follow who follow you back, as well as the engagement on your own posts.
  2. Engage with users who are following your "competition". Visit your competition’s followers’ accounts, and like or comment on their posts. This exposes you to new audiences who may not have been following you before (without necessarily having to follow them).
  3. Engage with the people who use relevant hashtags. Look up hashtags relevant to your niche or industry and engage with the posts under that hashtag.
Many people automate this with tools like Instagress, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with automating likes on posts that use relevant hashtags, but I have to warn against automating comments. Commenting the same boring phrase on all posts with a certain hashtag is begging to be flagged as spam.
None of these methods are scalable as the other methods of getting more followers, which is why I’ve listed it last, but they can all be very effective.
ToolsInstagress. Be careful using automation in the engagement of other posts - if you crank up the heat too much on this, Instagram will flag you as a spammer and can possibly block your account. If you do use a tool like Instagress, I’d highly recommend only automating Likes and not comments, and keeping it on the Slow or Normal settings.
more instagram followers
This will lessen the likelihood of you being marked as spam, and Instagram flagging your account. Nobody likes a spammer!

The 2 Paid Ways of Getting More Followers

Luckily, there are a lot of uber-effective free methods to getting more Instagram followers.
And let’s say you’re using them all.
You’re following and engaging with your target audience, working with similar accounts, and using hashtags like a boss.
But you’re as impatient as me standing in line at the gelato shop. You want to get it moving faster.
One way to get that line moving faster is to use these paid methods of growing your account. If you have a bit of money to spend on your growth, you can push that needle even further.
All of these methods are based around working with other accounts that are larger than yours to get in front of their audience.
Before you jump into all of the methods, know that the effectiveness of each of these methods depends on a few factors about the accounts you’re working with:
  1. The size of the account. The more followers the account has, the more followers the call to action on the post will get in front of, which generally means more followers for you.
  2. The engagement of the account. The account could have 6 million followers, but if most of those followers are spambots or completely unengaged, you won’t get as many followers (not to mention that the followers you do get will be useless).
  3. The relevancy of the account you’re working with. If you have a gourmet foods store and you’re working with entrepreneurship accounts, chances are you won’t get as much bang for your buck. Focus on working with only highly relevant accounts that reach the audience you want to reach.
  4. The strength of the call to action in the post. Instead of just asking the account you’re working with to tag you in the caption, tell them you want a call to action to follow you. If you’re a brand and want to drive sales and traffic to your product pages, you can do so too, but remember that if they’re following you, you can put that post in front of them at any time.
  5. The day of the week and time of day the post is posted. The first time we ever paid for a shoutout, I didn’t know that this was such a big factor. The account owner recognized my ignorance in this regard, and decided to post the shoutout on a Friday night - one of the worst performing days and times on his feed. Shady of him, and silly of me to not have thought of this. After all, Instagram is a feed, and if nobody is online when your post is published, your results will be bleak. The account had almost a million followers, and we only got around 25 new followers from it. Overall, it should have been 2.5-4x that amount.
Tools: To vet accounts to work with and find out almost all the data you need on other accounts to get the largest ROI for your money when working with them, the best tool out there we’ve found is Ink361. Sign up for a free account, and not only can you to learn valuable data about your own audience, but also other accounts as well.
For example, you can find out when any accounts followers are most active on Instagram:
how to get more IG followers
You can also find the engagement ratings of any account (and compare and contrast):
grow ig followers
One of the best features is finding the most liked and commented on posts on any account you are interested in potentially working with:
more insta followers
Which will allow you to know what works with the other accounts audience so you can then reverse-engineer a popular post for maximum ROI.
Equipped with a badass tool and all the knowledges of the factors that make a post effective (or not!), let’s get into the paid methods of growing your account.

Strategy #1: Pay for Big Accounts to Shout You Out

So you know how I told you about share for shares (S4S)?
To refresh your memory, these are a free way of working with similar accounts that reach the audience that you want to reach, to put your content in front of their audience (and vice versa).
Usually, with a free S4S, you work with accounts around a similar size as yours to make it fair. But if you're impatient or also want to work with accounts much larger than yours, you can get larger accounts to "shout you out".
This is where you pay authoritative accounts in your industry to perform a "shoutout", where they share your content for a fee. They include a call to action in the caption to follow your account or click the link in your bio.
Here’s an example of a shoutout that @Millionaire_mentor did with @Durothreads, driving followers to their bio:
instagram followers
Many Instagram accounts operate almost solely for this purpose - they have built up strong followings just so they can charge other accounts to get in front of their audience.
If you work with accounts with over 500,000 followers, you can usually see anywhere between 20-50 new followers from one shoutout.
Shoutouts usually go up for a period of time from one hour to one day. The account owner then removes them (because they’re no longer relevant). Don’t bother paying for a shoutout to be up longer than a day. The amount of followers you’ll get from a shout will have diminishing returns.
Shoutouts can cost anywhere from $5-$75+ depending on the size of the account and the volume of shoutouts you pay for. Aim for around $50 per shoutout - you should be able to work with large, engaged accounts for that price.
When you’re working with accounts for any of these paid methods, you need to come up with the caption. Ensure the caption has a clear call to action to follow your account, tagging you more than once in it:
Instagram follower growth
This was an effective shout we did with another account.
Protip: Some of the accounts that charge for shoutouts are a bit shady. You’ll have to monitor the account to make sure the shoutout is done. Also make sure that you tell them exactly what you want in the caption (and ensure they include the call to action "follow [your username]" or any other call to action).

Strategy #2: Pay for Larger Accounts to Post a Screenshot Of Your Account

There’s another, even more effective way to get more followers by working with other accounts for paid opportunities.
There’s no mistaking these posts - the sole purpose of them is to drive followers to your account.
These work like a shoutout, except that instead of reposting (or recreating) one of your posts with an inspirational quote or image, the account takes a screenshot of your account, and posts it to their account, asking their followers to follow you.
These can drive a flood of followers to your account if your content is compelling to the host account’s audience, so naturally they are more expensive than a shoutout.
Depending on the size of the account, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$150 per screenshot, or (as some Instagrammers call it) "screener".
With "screeners", we’ve seen 50-250 new followers or more.
Protip: How your account as a whole looks when somebody lands on your profile is important for branding and visual appeal. This is especially true for screenshot shoutouts. If you decide to do screenshot shoutouts, make sure the posts to your feed work together and provide a compelling picture of what you do.
Whether you choose to tackle all of the methods or just the free methods of growing your following, you should be able to grow your account rapidly with the strategies in this chapter. Now, you’re ready to move onto the Chapter 4.
Running short on time? Click the button below to download a free eBook with this entire process, including bonus material like our Instagram marketing plan and SOPs.
instagram marketing
Now that you're rolling in followers, you've gotta drive them back to your website. We've got your back.

Chapter 4: The Step-by-Step Guide to Driving Traffic from Instagram Marketing

Now that you're rolling in followers, you've gotta drive them back to your website. We've got your back.

Ladies and gentlemen!
The moment you’ve all been waiting for!
The reason you’re reading this guide…
We’ve gone through the steps to get more followers from Instagram, because your traffic potential depends on your followers.
But now that you’ve built up your Instagram following, you can start sending those followers to your content, website, or landing page.
Instagram is unique in that there aren’t dozens of ways to get traffic from the platform, unlike with Facebook.
To drive massive traffic from Facebook, you can interact within Facebook groups, drive traffic from your Facebook page, buy sidebar ads, buy newsfeed ads, boost your posts, share content on your own timeline and wall, and dozens of other options.
But with Instagram, it’s a lot more simple. You drive traffic from two things:
  1. Your bio link
  2. Call to action posts.
We’ve already talked about having a call to action in your bio in Chapter 2, so this chapter will show you exactly how to nail your call to action posts on Instagram to drive a flood of traffic to anything you want.
traffic from instagram

What is a Call to Action Post?

On Instagram, chances are you post a variety of different posts.
Many feeds are based off of inspirational quotes, like ours:
Some Instagrammers post lifestyle shots, like @DarlingEscapes:
Instagram marketing
Some post tips, personal photos, product images, and most post a mixture.
A call to action post is a departure of the normal content you post on Instagram, because it’s main purpose is to get your followers to follow a call to action.
You may be wondering why all posts aren’t meant to do that. After all, isn’t that the entire purpose of using a social platform? To drive traffic and leads back to your site?
And my answer to this is no.
Every post should include a call to action, but not all of your posts should be "call to action posts".
So what’s the difference? Well, that’s best described with an example.
Here’s a Call to Action Post for our recent guide Your Old Articles Aren’t Dead: How To Repurpose Old Content For More Traffic:
Whereas here’s a post that includes a call to action that we’d normally post on Instagram:
See the difference? In the former, the whole purpose of the post is to pique the follower’s interest and lead them to the content on the SumoMe blog.
In the latter post, it’s a regular post with a call to action to "double tap if you are giving it your all".
If you only post CTA posts, you’ll exhaust your followers. They need other content too, to be compelled to remain following you.
You add value to their lives through your regular content, as well as your call to action posts.
Aim to make at least 75% of your content on Instagram normal content. More than 90% of the content on SumoMe’s Instagram feed is normal content. We don’t want to spam our followers with content that seems like an advertisement.
But to drive traffic back to your website, whether that be your products, services, landing pages, opt-in offers or content, post a call to action post every 5-9 posts depending on how much content you publish.

How to Reverse Engineer Massively Popular Call to Action Posts

You’re already working hard to drive your Instagram followers back to your website, right?
So I bet you want to make sure that you capture as much traffic as possible with each Call to Action Post, so you don’t piss off your followers.
Makes sense to me.
So to make sure those CTA Posts work for you, you need to nail a few crucial elements. I’ll show you how to do exactly that, using one of our CTA posts as an example:
instagram marketing
Follow along, now.

Element #1: The Image

Obviously, a post on Instagram wouldn’t exist without an image or a video.
And to maximize the interest and therefore amount of traffic you’re able to drive, you have to make sure that your image for your Call to Action Post is eye catching, attention-grabbing and descriptive.
If you’re sending your followers to a content page or opt-in offer, it’s a good idea to have the headline over an image, like we’ve done in our post.
Remember: no matter what the platform, it all starts with a strong headline. If your headline sucks, nobody will pay attention to your Instagram post and therefore go to your site. Use a strong headline formula to capture attention and boost your traffic.
It’s also best practice to have a CTA right on the image to click the link in your bio.
We didn’t do this because we use the same images that our freelance blog image designer Shannon creates for our blog posts.
Also, we’re not perfect. Surprising right?
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Include text at the bottom of your image that says something akin to: "Click the link in my bio".
Tools: There’s no doubt that Instagram is a highly visual platform. So that means that all of your posts - your regular content and your call to action posts - need to be visually appealing and eye catching. We use WordSwag to create a lot of our posts, which is an iPhone app to create eye-catching images. Alternatives include Picmonkey and Canva (desktop) and Typorama (android).

Element #2: The Caption

You can’t just throw up a post and not describe what it is.
Okay, that’s not true. I guess you could, but it wouldn’t be very effective. And you’re not that lazy anyway.
Just like when you’re posting something to Facebook, you need to flex those copywriting muscles to whip up a compelling description that leaves your followers wanting more. See how we’ve used surprising statistics and triggered curiosity in our recent CTA post for our Social Shares guide?:
Use a few keywords in your caption for people who aren’t necessarily searching hashtags (which we’ll get to in Element #6).
Don’t be afraid to tease the content, opt-in offer or even product a bit. The point of the caption is to pique the interest of your followers and drive them to your website.

Element #3: The Call to Action

So you’ve created a nice, eye-catching, descriptive image for your CTA Post.
And you’ve crafted a perfectly enticing caption to pique the interest of your followers and leave them wanting more.
Now you need to lead them to the water.
And how do you do that?
Well, by telling them exactly what you want them to do.
Show your followers exactly how to get the content, product, service, or opt-in offer you’re slinging on this CTA Post. We’re as obvious and explicit as possible:
"Click on the link in our bio to read more, or copy and paste the link below to read more:"
Don’t leave anything up to the imagination. Tell them what to do and how to do it.

Element #4: Eye Catching Elements

Did you know that we…
Just kidding. We have 8 second attention spans. So even if you do get your followers onto your CTA Post, and they’ve read the caption and they’re itching to click the link, a lot of those people will get distracted by shiny object syndrome.
They’ll get pulled away by the next fancy thing unless…
Unless you catch their eye and draw them down the page toward your links.
Sad, right? But it’s true.
That’s why we use emojis in almost all of our Call to Action Posts.
See what I mean?:
Those little fingers pointing toward the links in the CTA Post draw your eye to the right place, so you’ll copy and paste them (or at least navigate to our bio and click the link).
Add emojis or other eye catching elements to your caption to keep the fickle attention of your followers on your post.

Element #5: The Link

Remember how I’ve already told you that you only have one opportunity to link back to your site in Instagram?
Yeah, about that.
That still applies to your call to action posts. So that means that you generally have to replace the link in your bio - at least temporarily - to the link of your CTA Post.
Remember: what gets measured gets managed.
Instagram does not make it easy to track traffic back to your website. So, what’s a blogger/online entrepreneur/website owner/whatever you are to do?
Just kidding. I know you have a better memory than that.
Grab that link you want to drive traffic to with your CTA post, attach a UTM tracking code to the end a la Chapter 2, and shorten that bad boy up.
Then, throw it in your bio and include it a few times in your caption so that if your followers want to copy and paste, they can.

Element #6: The Hashtags

Alright, so you know that hashtags work for getting more followers and engagement on your posts.
And they also work for getting more traffic from your CTA Posts.
Again, don’t include your hashtags directly in your caption (unless you want to naturally weave a few into the description). After your post is up, comment on the post and include your hashtags there.
The rest of your posts should have more general hashtags related to your industry, niche, and the content you’re posting, but your CTA Posts can be a bit more specific. For example, in our Instagram post for our guide on the best WordPress plugins, we hashtagged #WordPress, #Plugins, #Website and #Bloggers.
This made perfect sense for this post, but may not have made sense for a general motivational post we would have posted.
Use all 30 of the hashtags Instagram allows you to use to maximize your traffic.
With these 6 elements in place, you should be able to capture the interest of your target audience and drive traffic back to your site from the CTA posts you do. But here’s how to get the absolute most traffic out of each CTA Post.

How to Get the Most Traffic Out of Each Call to Action Post on Instagram

We’ve already established a few times in this guide that Instagram is a feed.
And on average, people miss 70% of their feeds. That means that of every 10 posts you post, your followers only see three. And even that seems generous.
Naturally, the posts your followers do see will depend on when they are online. If I’m always online at 6:00 PM PST, but never any time after 10:00 PM PST, I’ll likely miss most of the content posted after 10:00 PM.
And because very few people will click onto your profile and look at your entire profile, that means that most of your followers won't even see your CTA Posts.
But luckily, there’s a way to make sure that more of your followers actually see your posts.
Instead of just posting the call to action and leaving it up to die a slow and unfortunate death in the depths of your feed, regularly delete the post and re-post it.
Now, when I say regularly, I don’t mean every five minutes. That’s just spamming.
But doing so once or twice a day - maybe once at night before you go to bed and once the next morning - will ensure that your followers in all timezones get the opportunity to see your content.
We ask our virtual assistant Brenda to do this once every 4-5 posts on the few days after we post new content, getting our content in front of more of our audience and giving our CTA posts a fighting chance.
As you post CTA posts, track your traffic from each post in your marketing plan. That way, you can find out what works with your audience - including the times of day to delete and repost your posts.
If you haven’t already swiped the swipe file we created complete with a marketing plan and this entire guide in a handy downloadable eBook, click the button below to download the bonus resources for free.
instagram marketing tips
Traffic is useless if it doesn't convert. Here's how to actually capture and convert that traffic you've just worked so hard to drive to your site.

Chapter 5: How to Convert Your Followers to Create an Automated Traffic Machine

Traffic is useless if it doesn't convert. Here's how to actually capture and convert that traffic you've just worked so hard to drive to your site.

You’ve been busy over the last little while. You’ve:
That’s a lot of work you’ve been grinding out to make Instagram marketing effective for your business.
Yet there’s no point in doing all this work to drive traffic from Instagram if you’re not going to capture that traffic.
Say it with me, folks: "traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert".
After all, you don’t want your followers to just visit your website once and then leave. If they do that, chances are they won’t come back.
By growing your email list, you can create an automated traffic machine. Instead of relying on strangers to come to your website, engage with your content, and buy your products and services, with the click of a single "send" button, you can drive hundreds or thousands of your highly engaged email subscribers to any page you want on your website.
And luckily, Instagram traffic has the potential to be highly engaged, and many businesses and bloggers have grown their email lists and even sales substantially through Instagram.
For example:
  • We’ve collected hundreds of emails from Instagram, and we don’t even send our traffic back to an opt-in offer.
  • Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine had such success with using Instagram to generate leads that he created a whole course on how to do so.
  • Daniel DiPiazza uses Instagram to grow his email list by tens of thousands of people each month.
So in this section, I’m going to show you exactly how to convert that traffic you’ve worked so hard to generate so you can start growing your email list and therefore your income in your business.
instagram marketing email

Step #1: Create an Enticing Offer for Your Instagram Visitors

It used to be that the promise of new content via email was enough to get visitors to subscribe to your email list.
But I’ve got some bad news for you:
That’s no longer enough.
Your visitors (and you, and me, and probably even the office dog, BamBam) are getting greedy.
instagram marketing email
Dozens of websites are vying for their attention every day, and almost all of them are asking for their email addresses.
And you don’t want to be one of those websites, right? The takers, rather than the givers?
That’s what I thought.
So you need to set yourself apart. And you do that by triggering your Instagram followers’ reciprocity instinct.
This is where you create an "opt-in offer" (sometimes called “lead magnet”, “bribe to subscribe” or - if it’s attached to a piece of content - “content upgrade”), and give it away for free in exchange for the email addresses of your visitors.
Now, of course this has to be something that your visitors truly want. Otherwise, it’s not a very good trade, is it?
I mean, would you exchange your favorite t-shirt for a slobbery tennis ball the dog was just playing with? Probably not.
So if you’re posting Call to Action posts to pieces of your content on Instagram, create a content upgrade that your visitors won’t be able to resist.
Maybe that’s a:
  • Checklist
  • Discount
  • Cheatsheet
  • Infographic
  • Email course
  • Swipe file
  • Additional piece of content
But remember - this is traffic coming from Instagram. That means that these visitors are coming from a highly visual platform. What do you think would do better as a freebie for an Instagram user - a white paper, or an infographic?
That’s what I thought.
Ok, so once you’ve nailed down a content upgrade or an opt-in offer specifically for your Instagram visitors, you need to ... well, actually offer it to them. Here’s how.

Step #2: Create Opt-In Opportunities Specific To Your Instagram Followers

Okay, so we’ve already established that Instagram is a highly unique social platform based around visuals.
Because it’s different from most platforms, you want to cater your opt-in offers and opportunities specifically to those visitors.
Think of it this way: a visitor coming from a link within an article on another blog is in an entirely different headspace than a visitor coming from Instagram, where they were browsing and stumbled across your Call to Action post.
So that’s why you want to create custom opt-in opportunities specific to those followers. You have your offer, and now you just have to get it in front of just your Instagram traffic.
We’ve done this with our Welcome Mats and pop-ups, like this Welcome Mat we displayed to our Instagram traffic from our Sumo-Sized Guide: 85 Ways to Build Your Email List:
instagram marketing email
This Mat converts at nearly 12%, which is a very solid conversion rate (the average is 1.76%, with the top 10% of users converting at 6.90%).
Because Instagram is a visual platform, we decided to use a Mat with a visual component, rather than a template with a blank background:
instagram marketing email
The image in the background of our Instagram Welcome Mat is actually a gif, so there’s motion incorporated as well.
Instead of using a generic image, post an image of the offer you’re giving away. In our example, we posted a gif of scrolling through spreadsheet we were offering, ranking the 85 list-building strategies.
This is a visual cue for our audience, who clearly likes visual elements.
Once we set the image targeted Instagrammers specifically, we had to make sure that the Welcome Mat only displayed for those specific visitors.
We did so in Display Rules, by making it so the Mat shows only "On URL paths" containing the UTM tag we created for Instagram. You learned how to do this in Chapter 2.
instagram marketing email
You can do the same for your pop-ups, Smart Bars, or any opt-in opportunity as long as you have a simple tracking code.

BONUS Step 3: Create Call to Action Posts for Your Opt-Ins

So far, I’ve taught you how to create Call to Action posts for your content, products, and services.
So right now, you’re going from:
Instagram > Content > Opt-in Offer/Content Upgrade > Email List
But if you decide that traffic isn't as important to you as email subscribers, you can cut out the middle man - which is the content. That way, your visitor’s trajectory will look like this:
Instagram > Opt-in Offer > Email List.
You do this by creating a Call to Action post on Instagram to drive traffic directly to your opt-in offer instead of your content, product, or service.
Take a look at how Foundr does this with a free masterclass:
instagram marketing email
This drives your audience directly to the freebie instead of content - so while they have fewer eyes on the content they’re creating, they are increasing their email list directly from Instagram.
This is the difference between email marketing and content marketing.
Whether you’re interested in getting more eyes on your content or just generally increasing traffic back to your website, it’s important that you actually convert the traffic that you’ve worked so hard to generate from Instagram.
Make sure you’re capturing their email addresses by creating opt-in offers specifically for your Instagram visitors so you can continue to communicate with them.

Start Generating Massive Traffic with Instagram Marketing

Most people overlook Instagram as a marketing channel because of the lack of linking opportunities, but that’s a mistake.
Instagram is still one of the most underused and little-known methods of driving massive traffic back to your website.
Since 28% of people on the internet use Instagram - and that number is only going up, by the way - if you’re ignoring Instagram, you’re giving up a ton of traffic.
I gave you a ton of information in this guide. So if you’re a bit overwhelmed, here’s where to start:
  1. Determine whether Instagram is right for your audience. Use Chapter 1 for this.
  2. Set up your Instagram profile, marketing plan, and tracking systems so you can figure out whether your efforts are paying off. Chapter 2 will show you how to do this.
  3. Grow your Instagram following with the 6 foolproof methods I laid out in Chapter 3.
  4. Send those new followers to your content, products, or offers through call to action posts. I showed you exactly how in Chapter 4.
  5. Convert that traffic you worked so hard to generate into email subscribers, so you can continue to communicate with them (and increase your traffic and sales in the process).
  6. Profit.
If that sounds like a lot and you’re running short on time, don’t worry! You can download this entire guide for keeps - as well as get our Instagram standard operating procedures, marketing plan, AND tracking spreadsheets for FREE.

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Try to imagine this. When you're reading a story on the web or blog, you are given two choices. You can choose the next story based on your own choice. After selecting then you can continue reading the story. Shortly afterwards you will be presented back to the 2 other options. The next choice is up to you. Then you continue the story you are reading. After that you will be faced again with 2 choices. So onwards. The more stories you read so the more options you have taken.

If you feel curious then you can re-read the story by changing your selection. Then you will see a different story with the story that you have read previously. The question now is why is this so? Because the storyline will be varying according to your choice. 

I, as the author is planning to make tens of thousands of articles with millions of choices in it. With tens of thousands of articles then you like to see a show of your favorite series on TV for several years. The difference is while watching your favorite TV series, then you can not change the story. Meanwhile, if you read this story then you can alter the way the story according to your own choice.

You might say like this. Sounds like a book "choose your own adventure". Books I read when I was young.

Correctly. The idea is taken from there. But if you read through a book, the story is not so exciting. Due to the limited number of pages. When a child first you may already feel interesting. But if you re-read the book now then becomes no fun anymore because you don't get anything with the amount of 100-200 pages. 

Have you ever heard of game books?  When you were boy or girl, did you like reading game books? I think you've heard even happy to read it.

Gamebooks are sometimes informally called choose your own adventure books or CYOA which is also the name of the Choose Your Own Adventure series published byBantam BooksGamebook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gamebook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A gamebook is a work of fiction that allows the reader to participate in the story by making effective choices. The narrative branches along various paths through the use of numbered paragraphs or pages.
Lihat preview menurut Yahoo

Bantam Books with the Choose Your Own Adventure 

series has produced more than 250 million US 

dollars. While I offer you more powerful than the Choose 

Your Own Adventure. Because of what? Because the 

story that I made much more interesting than the stories 

created by the authors of Bantam Books. You will not get anything just to 100-200 pages. While the story that I created is made up of tens of thousands of articles with millions of choices in it.

For comparison are the books published with the theme "choose your own adventure" produces more than 250 million copies worldwide. If the average price of a book for 5 USD, the industry has produced more than 1.5 billion USD. But unfortunately this industry has been abandoned because the reader begins to feel bored. The last book was published entitled "The Gorillas of Uganda (prev." Search for the Mountain Gorillas ")". And this book was published in 2013.

Based on the above, then you are faced with two choices. Are you interested in reading my story is? Or you are not interested at all. The choice is in your hands.
If you are interested then spread widely disseminated this article to your family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. You can also distribute it on facebook, twitter, goggle +, or other social media that this article be viral in the world. By doing so it is a new entertainment industry has been created.

Its creator named Richard Nata.

The full articles that talks about this: 







If we can make a good story, so that the readers will 

come again and again for further reading the story then 

our earnings will continue to grow and will never 

diminish. This is due to new readers who continued  to 

arrive, while long remained loyal readers become our 


So that the number of our readers will continue to 

multiply over time. With the increasing number of loyal 

readership then automatically the amount of income we 

will also grow larger every year. The same thing 

happened in yahoo, google, facebook, twitter, linkedin, 

and others when they still startup.

Deuteronomy {28:13} And the LORD shall make thee the 

head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and 

thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the LORD thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do [them: ]

Try to imagine this. If I give a very unique story. It was the first time in the world. But the world already know this story even liked it. Because the world love the game books. While the story that I made is the development of game books.
Do you Believe if I dare say if I will succeed because my story will be famous all over the world as Harry Potter?
I believe it. Not because I was the author of the story, but because of the story that I made is unique and the only one in the world. 
Income from my startup :
1. Ads. With millions of unique visitors, the price of the ads will be expensive.
2. Affiliate marketing. In addition to advertising, we are also able to put up some banner from affiliate marketing.
3. Contribution of the readers. If you have a million readers and every reader to pay one US dollar per year then you will get the income of one million US dollars per year. 
If you have a million readers and every reader to pay one US dollar per month then you will get as much revenue twelve million US dollars per year.
4. Books and Comics. After getting hundreds of thousands to the millions of readers of the story will be made in books and the form of a picture story (comics).
5. Movies. If we have a good story with millions of readers then quickly we will be offered to make a film based on the story.
6. Merchandise related to characters. After the movies there will be made an offer for the sale of goods related to the characters.
7. Sales. With millions of email that we have collected from our readers so we can sell anything to them.
    Each income (1-7) worth millions to tens of millions of US dollars. 
    Because each income (1-7) worth millions to tens of millions of US dollars. Then in 10-20 years into the future, AI will be earning hundreds of million USD annually.
So how long do you think my story that I made could gather a thousand readers? Ten thousand readers? One hundred thousand readers? A million readers? Five million readers? Ten million readers? More than ten million readers?
But to get all of it of course takes time, can not be instant. In addition, it takes hard work, big funds and placement of the right people in the right positions.
By advertising, viral marketing, strong marketing strategies and SEO then a million readers can be done in less than a year. Ten million readers can be done in two to three years.
This is the marketing strategy of my startup.
When hundreds of thousands or millions of readers already liked my story then they have to pay to enjoy the story that I made.
If you are a visionary then you will think like this.
With the help of my great name in the world of business, my expertise in marketing, advertising, marketing by mouth, viral marketing, then collecting a million readers to ten million readers will be easy to obtain. Is not that right?
The question now is what if people like my story as they like Harry Potter? You will get tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of email addresses from readers. With that much email, we can sell anything to the readers.
Since April 2013, Wikipedia has around 26 million articles in 285 languages are written by 39 million registered users and a variety of anonymous people who are not known from other parts of the world.  Web ranked by Alexa, Wikipedia is a famous website number 6 which has been visited by 12% of all Internet users with 80 million visitors every month and it is only from the calculation of America.

resource : http://www.tahupedia.com/content/show/136/Sejarah-dan-Asal-Mula-Wikipedia

If no Wikipedia then need hundreds of thousands to millions of books required to make 26 million articles in 285 languages into books.

With the Wikipedia then people started to leave to read a book or books to seek knowledge about a subject or many subjects.

The same thing will happen. Read a story in a book or books to be abandoned. Read a story with millions of choices on the web or blog is far more interesting than reading a book or books. 

So what happens next? In 10-20 years ahead then read a story in a book to be abandoned. Otherwise my startup will grow and continue to develop into a new entertainment industry.

New entertainment industry, where I was a forerunner startup will continue to evolve. 
Therefore, in 10-20 years into the future, my startup will be earning hundreds of million USD annually.

So do not delay. Invest your money immediately to my startup. Take A Look. There are so many advantages if you want to invest in my startup.


My BLOG started to be written January 11, 2015. TODAY, MAY 30, 2015, THE NUMBER OF CLICKS HAS REACHED 56,750. SO FAR SO GOOD.

If I get big funds from investors then with a quick story that I wrote will spread throughout the world.

So I got acceleration because I can put ads in a large variety of media such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and others. I also can perform a variety of other marketing strategies.
If I do not get funding from investors then my story would still spread throughout the world. But with a longer time, Slow but sure.

So either I get funding from investors or not, the story that I wrote will remain spread throughout the world. Ha ... 7x

So don't worry, be happy.

My advice to you is you should think whether the data that I have provided to you makes sense or not .
If my data reasonable then immediately invest your funds as soon as possible.

Then we discuss how we plan further cooperation.

Thank you.
Lord Jesus bless you.
P.S. The offer letter I gave also to the hedge funds and 

venture capital and other major companies 

in the entire 

world. So who is fast then he will get it.

P.P.S. In addition, there is one more thing I 

want to tell you. If a story can generate tens 

of millions of US dollars, then what if made 

many stories? Then why do not you make 2, 3 or many stories? You will get hundreds of million USD annually. 

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