Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

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A story with tens of thousands of articles.

A story with tens of thousands of articles.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Open offer letter to investors.





Hasil gambar untuk gambar investor

To : Investors.
Subject : I'm looking for investors for startup that could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in 10-20 years.
From : Richard Nata

Hasil gambar untuk gambar investor

A story with millions of choices in it.

Try to imagine this. When you're reading a story on the web or blog, you are given two choices. You can choose the next story based on your own choice. After selecting then you can continue reading the story. Shortly afterwards you will be presented back to the 2 other options. The next choice is up to you. Then you continue the story you are reading. After that you will be faced again with 2 choices. So onwards.

If you feel curious then you can re-read the story by changing your selection. Then you will see a different story with the story that you have read previously. The question now is why is this so? Because the storyline will be varying according to your choice. 

Based on the above, then you are faced with two choices. Are you interested in reading my story is? Or you are not interested at all. The choice is in your hands.
If you are interested then spread widely disseminated this article to your family, friends, neighbors, and relatives. You can also distribute it on facebook, twitter, goggle +, or other social media that this article be viral in the world. By doing so it is a new entertainment industry has been created.

Its creator named Richard Nata.

little man with big ideas.

I was born in 1968, when I was i
n college already started working. In 1988, at the age of 20 years, I started working as an accounting staff. Age 24 years has occupied the position of Finance Manager. Age 26 years as a General Manager. In addition, I also created a new entertainment industry, where the readers can decide for themselves the story he was reading. I am currently looking for investors who could help me realize my idea is. Target startup is in the 3-5 year forward earnings reach millions to tens of millions of USD. In 10-20 years, earning hundreds of millions of USD.

In 1997, Richard Nata wrote a book entitled "Buku Pintar Mencari Kerja". This book is reprinted as much as 8 times. Through the book, the authors successfully helped tens of thousands of people get jobs at once successful in their careers. They were also successful when moving to work in other places.

BUKU PINTAR DAPAT KERJA GAJI TINGGI PINDAH KERJA GAJI SEMAKIN TINGGI made by retyping the book BEST SELLER of the author, entitled “Buku Pintar Mencari Kerja.  

The author also provides consulting services for companies that want to go public ( IPO ) on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI). More information on :

Author also had
 the idea of a startup company where the readers can decide for themselves the next story. WASN'T THIS A GREAT IDEA? IF can be realized WILL BE WORTH billions USD. Because CAN PRODUCE FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS even tens of millions USD annually. AND IF FOLLOWED BY MANY COMPANIES IN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL THEN BE A NEW INDUSTRIAL worth trillions USD. 
The full articles that talks about this: 


Are you interested in my offer?

Do you want to be an investor in my startup?

If yes, don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Lord Jesus bless you.

P.S. The offer letter I gave also to the hedge funds and venture capital and other major companies in the entire world. So who is fast then he will get it.

P.P.S. If you are not interested in my offer, it is a good idea to periodically review my blog to see the development of my blog.  http://richardnata.blogspot.com
If I've made a story on my blog and get a multiplication of clicks then you should know that the readers liked my story.

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