There are some things that only real digital marketers will understand. And some things that only we people can laugh about.
Do tell me at the comments below if you could think of more things that only digital marketers can relate to. (Let’s get to it)

Conversion Rate Optimised
Wanna dance like this? Read Neil Patel’s CRO Guide.

New Design Drive Website Traffic
And everyone used to believe so. Jon Morrow was right.

Y U NO Gimme Ur Email ID?
“Aarrrgghh YYYYY?” Remember that time of your life? Matt Giovanisci is the man when it comes to doing it the right way.

Digital Marketer, what do you do question?
Trust me, this is me!

Website Penalised by Google
Oopsie Daisies! And if you’re too afraid to ask, read this post from Ahrefs blog.

Expert Roundup Digital Marketing Opinion
There will be always that one person. How do you find the courage topublish an opinion piece?

Newbie bloggers writing about blogging
Face-palm, every single time when I see it.

Case Study Gets 0 Shares
Case Study Gets 0 Shares. This is an example of a well done case study (Brian Dean).

Internet Marketing Revenue Report
And the only revenue report I’d like to read is Matthew Woodward’s monthly income report.

Google Panda & Penguin Update
Learn more about the Google Algorithm updates.

Getting Organic Links
If this is you, read this post from Cognitive SEO.

Thanks for the idea Danavir, the CopyMonk!

Free links to website
Wanna learn how to build more links to your website? Read this.

infleuntial blog mention
Wanna feel like this? Learn how to get mentioned like a boss.

Digital Marketer must be good at getting Facebook likes
How often do you get that?1
Which one did you liked the most? Got any other meme ideas? Let us know by commenting!
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