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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Esau killed Nimrod And Then Sold The Birthright

Esau killed Nimrod And Then Sold The Birthright

Esau, Esau killed nimrod, Esau Kills NimrodRelatively few people have ever heard that Esau killed Nimrod, and then despised his birthright. We are going to see today that Esau, like Nimrod, had a desire to rule the world; what would an extra portion over his brother matter to Esau in light of world domination?
Again, it is the book of Yasher that has provided “the rest of the story.”

Nimrod’s Dream

After Terah’s son [Abram] was born, Nimrod had a dream. Here is the interpretation.
Yasher 12:50 And the king was grieved at the sight, and he awoke out of his sleep and his spirit was agitated; and he felt a great terror.
51 And in the morning the king rose from his couch in fear, and he ordered all the wise men and magicians to come before him, when the king related his dream to them.
52 And a wise servant of the king, whose name was Anuki, answered the king, saying, This is nothing else but the evil of Abram and his seed which will spring up against my master and king in the latter days.

Esau Killed Nimrod!

And in fact one of Abram’s seed, a wicked seed, did spring up in Nimrod’s latter days and kill him.
Yasher 27:4 And on a certain day Esau went in the field to hunt, and he found Nimrod walking in the wilderness with his two men.
5 And all his mighty men and his people were with him in the wilderness, but they removed at a distance from him, and they went from him in different directions to hunt, and Esau concealed himself from Nimrod, and he lurked for him in the wilderness.
6 And Nimrod and his men that were with him did not know, and Nimrod and his men frequently walked about in the field at the cool of the day, and to know where his men were hunting in the field.
7 And Nimrod and two of his men that were with him came to the place where they were, when Esau started suddenly from his lurking place, and drew his sword, and hastened and ran to Nimrod and cut off his head.
8 And Esau fought a desperate fight with the two men that were with Nimrod, and when they called out to him, Esau turned to them and smote them to death with his sword.

Nimrod Ruled With The Garments Which Elohim Made For Adam And His Woman

Nimrod had the garments that Yehovah made for Adam and his woman; they had been handed down to him through Ham and made him strong. It was these garments that were coveted by Esau.
Yasher 7:24 And the garments of skin which God made for Adam and his woman, when they went out of the garden, were given to Cush.
25 For after the death of Adam and his woman, the garments were given to Enoch, the son of Jared, and when Enoch was taken up to God, he gave them to Methuselah, his son.
26 And at the death of Methuselah, Noah took them and brought them to the ark, and they were with him until he went out of the ark.
27 And in their going out, Ham stole those garments from Noah his father, and he took them and hid them from his brothers.
28 And when Ham begat his first-born Cush, he gave him the garments in secret, and they were with Cush many days.
29 And Cush also concealed them from his sons and brothers, and when Cush had begotten Nimrod, he gave him those garments through his love for him, and Nimrod grew up, and when he was twenty years old he put on those garments.
30 And Nimrod became strong when he put on the garments, …

Esau Stole The Garments

Yasher 27:10 And when Esau saw the mighty men of Nimrod coming at a distance, he fled, and thereby escaped; and Esau took the valuable garments of Nimrod, which Nimrod’s father had bequeathed to Nimrod, and with which Nimrod prevailed over the whole land, and he ran and concealed them in his house.

And Then Esau Despised His birthright

Now we know why Esau was so weary when he came from the field and met Jacob and was so nonchalant about his birthright.
Yasher 27:11 And Esau took those garments and ran into the city on account of  Nimrod’s men, and he came unto his father’s house wearied and exhausted from fight, and he was ready to die through grief when he approached his brother Jacob and sat before him.
12 And he said unto his brother Jacob, Behold I shall die this day, and wherefore then do I want the birthright? And Jacob acted wisely with Esau in this matter, and Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, for it was so brought about by Yehovah.
13 And Esau’s portion in the cave of the field of Machpelah, which Abraham had bought from the sons of Heth for the possession of a burial ground, Esau also sold to Jacob, and Jacob bought all this from his brother Esau for value given.
Now Jacob cooked a stew; and Esau came in from the field, and he was weary. And Esau said to Jacob, “Please feed me with that same red stew, for I am weary.” Therefore his name was called Edom. But Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright as of this day.” And Esau said, “Look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?” Then Jacob said, “Swear to me as of this day.” So he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob. And Jacob gave Esau bread and stew of lentils; then he ate and drank, arose, and went his way, thus Esau despised his birthright. (Gen 25:29-34)
I wonder who currently has those garments. If it is the very fleshly descendants of Esau that rule the earth now, we (Israel’s seed) will fight with them again. I talk a lot about that in this portion. Please watch the video, listen to this audio or download it for your mp3 player and listen to it later.
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Esau Killed Nimrod

2G32 Genesis 26 & Yasher 27[Click here to download this audio mp3]
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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Why Do Trump and Some US Presidents Endorse a New World Order?

I want to live on earth as in heaven. I know you want to live on earth as in heaven too. Together we want to live on earth as in heaven.

If all human beings want to live on earth as in heaven, then evil will wane quickly. And that's when peace comes down to earth.

Matthew {6:10} Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as [it is] in heaven.

I am happy. You are happy. All humans will be happy. :)

Why Do Trump and Some US Presidents Endorse a New World Order?

Why Do Trump and Some US Presidents Endorse a New World Order? (The End Times Series Book 1) by [Nata, Richard]

Product details 

Price: eBook - $2.99 & paperback - $6.
  • Series: The End Times Series (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 143 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (January 8, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1976845351
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Why Do Trump and Some Other US Presidents Endorse a New World Order?
Grab for free: January 11, 2018 - January 15, 2018.

Thank you.
Lord Jesus bless you.


Everything is written. Everything is predictable. Everything has been prophesied in the Bible.

Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel raises turmoil around the world, especially among Islamic countries. Because he brings Bible prophecy alive in Jerusalem. 

The following will take a look at some of the "7" Factors in Trump's recognition of Jerusalem:
Jerusalem recognized Trump as the capital of Israel on the 77th day after the end of the Jewish year 5777. The new year of Jewish 5778, begins on 21 September 2017 (1 Tishrei 5778), and Trump's announcement takes place on December 6, 2017.
Donald Trump won the presidential election just on the day when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took up his presidency seven years, seven months and seven days.
Donald Trump is exactly 70 years, 7 months and 7 days on the day he was sworn in as US president (January 20, 2017) and held his post on the first day (he was born June 14, 1946). Credit to Scottie Clarke.

The victory of the presidential election and Trump's inauguration took place in Hebrew 5777.
Donald Trump was born exactly 700 days before Israel declared its independence (May 14, 1948).
777 days after Trump's birth, Israel is exactly 77 days old.

Israel's 70th birthday will happen exactly 700 days after Donald Trump's 70th birthday. Credit to Michael Snyder.

Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel came exactly 70 years after its predecessor, Harry Truman, recognized Israel as a country.
Acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, President Trump has kept his campaign promise (unusual for the US president in recent decades), although since he was elected president he has been badly, cruelly, incessantly and daily.

Factor "7" in the Bible
"7" is the number of the Bible for perfection and fulness and Elohim uses this number repeatedly in the scriptures.
There are 7 days of Creation, there are 7 Feasts of YHWH.
Day 7 is a day of rest or Shabbat; there are 7 weekly Shabbats to Pentecost. The seventh year is the Sabbath year: the rest of the land, the debt is abolished, and the slaves are released.
There are 7 Shabbat Land (49 years) to jubilee year.
Then there is 7 thunder, there are 7 letters to 7 church congregations in Asia Minor. There are 7 feet of the gold menorah, 7 Elohim Spirit, and 7 stars. But there are also judgments: 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 saucers (777).
The emergence of the "7" factor around Trump, Israel and the recognition of Jerusalem, if not the deliberate act of human hands, mean the Supernatural factor working behind it, leaving His signature marks, as Lee Caldwell puts it.
Lee Caldwell: In the 70th year since the founding of Israel, by the President of the age of 70, the great prophetic event took place. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a fulfillment of prophecy!

Is Trump God's chosen person? No. Because Trump has the casino gambling business. He is also the organizer of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants.
God can not choose Trump unless he repents. Right? In fact, Trump has never repented to this day. Ha...7x
Does God use Trump to fulfill His prophecy of Jerusalem? The answer is yes. Because Jerusalem plays an important role in the fulfillment of prophecy about the end of time. He...7x

The Bible is very clear, Israel must be a nation and Jerusalem must be the Capital, because prophecy must be fulfilled. Like it or not, scripture is clear, "God appointed kings and sent down kings (Daniel 2:21, 4:17, 32)."

You will be surprised to see the Bible prophecy about the state of Israel and Jerusalem fulfilled one by one. The author will discuss this in other books. The topic discusses Antichrist and end time prophecy.

Trump is a controversial one. Many people are worried that Trump will make a third world war happen. Because he supports a new world order. And a new world order can only be realized after World War III ends.

Why does Trump endorse a new world order? Is Donald Trump an Antichrist?
You will not believe what the author discovered. He knows that you do not believe it, right?

You must ask about what information is wrong, right?

You will get the answer through this book and other end times prophecy books.
Ephesians {5:17} Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the
will of the Lord [is.]

They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so (Acts 17:11).

2 Timothy {3:15} And that from a
child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. {3:16} All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
correction, for instruction in righteousness: {3:17} That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

Romans {15:4} For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.

Ephesians {5:10} Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.

1 Thessalonians {5:21} Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Richard Nata is the author of:

After successfully selling his books through Amazon, then he wrote more books to sell on Amazon. Ha...7x

In 1987, he got a vision, later he would write a lot of books. And through his books, then many people will repent. Yet at that time, he never had the desire to write a book.

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I hope this article is useful to all of us.

Thank you.



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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

76+ Places to Submit Your Free KDP Select Promotion for Your Kindle eBook

76+ Places to Submit Your Free KDP Select Promotion for Your Kindle eBook
Places to submit your free KDP select promotion

If you are looking for places to submit your free KDP select promotion for your Kindle eBook, you are in the right place!  I also share my 11 step checklist with you!

The Power of the KDP Select Program

One powerful way to launch a new book is by using Amazon’s KDP Select program.  This program launched in December 2011 and I first enrolled one of our books in the program in early January 2012.   The program is no longer as effective as it was in 2012, but we have still seen success with our books as well as the books of other authors.
What we normally do is to use the KDP Select program to launch our new books and then we remove them after our 90 day contract.  This allows us to publish them to other eBook platforms.  I use Smashwords to distribute my books to Nook, the iBookstore and others.  You can find out more about how to do this in my training program here.
Please note, that you have to go in and choose to remove your book from the KDP Select program or else it will automatically renew.  You can do this by logging into http://kdp.amazon.com, clicking the link for the bookshelf and then clicking “info” on the right side under the column for KDP Select.  There you can choose to remove the check mark that automatically re-enrolls your book in KDP Select.
For books that are part of a series, it may be beneficial to keep the first book in the KDP select program to gain exposure and interest in the rest of the books in your series.  Also, make sure you put an excerpt of the next book in the back of your book as well as links to the books from the entire series.

Varied Results But Increased Royalties Overall

Realize that your results will vary.  Some of our books have done amazing in a free promotion and others not so great.  But, overall, using the KDP select program to launch our new books has increased our Kindle royalties from double digits per month in 2011 to now consisting of more than half of our entire income.  This is significant and makes it very worthwhile to me.  Realize that we have been writing and publishing books on a full-time basis and have published a new book almost every month.
One of the most powerful aspects of running a KDP Select promotion is the free advertising Amazon will give you afterwards.  For each person that downloaded your book, they have also downloaded other free books or bought other books from Amazon.  Amazon then figures out which books were most likely to be bought from the same customer and will include them in the list “Customers Who Bought This Book Also Bought.”   Therefore, your book starts showing up on other book pages and getting free advertising which often boosts your sales and rankings.
Things change often at Amazon, so I encourage you to do your research and decide what is best for you books.

My 11 Step Checklist for a KDP Select Promo

This is not a comprehensive list, but gives you a good idea of what I try to do for each free promotion I run.
To Do for Free Days:
1.)  ASAP: Get 5-10 reviews posted.
2.)  Optional:  approach blog hosts re: blog tour.
3.)  1-2 weeks before:  submit to free sites listed below.
4.)  Write tweets, FB posts, blog posts and announcement email.
5.)  Send tweets, FB posts and blog post to authors willing to cross promote for you.
6.)  Optional:  Set up FB/StumbledUpon/Twitter advertising for the day of the free promo at least one day early so that it is approved in time.
7.)  Submit to sites that only allow you to submit the day of the promo below.
8.)  Post on Facebook profile, Facebook pages and Facebook groups on free day.
9.)  Send out e-mail about promotion to your list on free day.
10.)  Write tweets for your first paid day after the promo and include #borrow #amazonprime to try to get more borrows.
11.) Optional:  Set up paid advertising for the first paid day after your promotion.  See options in our book Author Publicity Pack.

47+ Now 76+ Places to Submit Your Free KDP Promotion for Your Kindle eBook

Listings and requirements tend to change.  These are updated as of February 2014 and we have added many new sites.  We will continue to update this list and add new resources, so share any updates or new resources you find in the comments below.

Free and Paid eBook Submission Tools

Note:  An easy way to submit to the tops sites is by using the Author Marketing Club’s free submission tool.  Or you can manually go through the links below.  Whichever works best for you!Free Kindle submission tool
Two Paid Options:
ebook submission tool
Want to save tons of time submitting to these sites?  There are two options I recommend.
Option One:
If you plan on submitting free book promotions more than once, I recommend KDROI.  You pay  a one-time fee for unlimited submissions.
Get KDROI Here
Option Two:
However,if you have just one free book promotion to submit, check out this paid (but inexpensive) eBook submission tool below.  Right now it costs $29 and takes less than 5 minutes to submit to 25+ sites.
Get this eBook Submission Tool Here

6 E-mails To Send:

Here is a sample e-mail that I use when I sent out information about my free promotions.  Feel free to use it and adapt it with your information.
I wanted to let you know that I have a special promotion on Kindle coming up where my newest book (Christian nonfiction) will be available for free.
Free on Wednesday 11/14/12, Thursday 11/15/12 and Friday 11/16/12 ” 21 Stories of Gratitude: The Power of Living Life With a Grateful Heart.”  (ASIN: B009YWM3WI) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009YWM3WI
7 reviews with an average 5 star rating
Here is where you can find me online.
  • Blog:  www.bodyandsoulpublishing.com/blog
  • Facebook:  www.facebook.com/getfreechristianbooks
  • Twitter:  www.twitter.com/freebookschrist
Thanks for letting your readers know about this free book promotion!
~Shelley Hitz
  1. Send title & dates to staff (at) indiehousebooks.com with Free eBook in subject line. Listed on first come first served basis.  Must have at least one week notice.
  2. http://kindlenationdaily.com/contact-us/ – email website owner, Steve Windwalker at KindleNation (at) gmail.com, hppress (at) gmail.com
  3. http://thedigitalinkspot.blogspot.com/p/contact-us.html – send email to thedigitalinkspot (at) gmail.com
  4. Send an email to FreeEbooksDailyBlog (at) gmail.com for listing on Free Ebooks Daily and Free Ebooks Daily Facebook page
  5. AppNewser Free eBooks of the Week: Our editors pick a few free eBooks every week. To submit email your pitch to appnewser (at) mediabistro.com
  6. webmaster@icravefreebies.com from http://www.icravefreebies.com/contact/

8 Contact Forms:

I simply copy and paste my e-mail from above into the following contact forms.
  1. http://ereaderlove.com/contact/
  2. http://free-stuff-unlimited.com/contact-us-2/
  3. http://www.indieauthornews.com/p/contact-us.html
  4. http://www.freebookshub.com/authors/
  5. http://dealseekingmom.com/about/contact/
  6. http://www.freeebooksblog.com/contact/
  7. http://jungledealsandsteals.com/about/contact/
  8. http://www.freebookshub.co.uk/authors/
  9. http://www.pennypinchinmom.com/contact-me/

45 Website Forms:

  1. www.pixelofink.com/sfkb
  2. http://ereadernewstoday.com/ent-free-book-submissions/ – Must have more than 3 reviews and a 4 star rating or above. – Contact them at least 3 days before it’s scheduled to go free.
  3. http://digitalbooktoday.com/12-top-100-submit-your-free-book-to-be-included-on-this-list/ – The majority of submitted books that meet the minimum guidelines of 18+ reviews and 4.0+ star average are listed for up to 3 consecutive free days. For a minimal fee they will list a limited number of books that have little or no reviews.
  4. http://www.fkbooksandtips.com/for-authors/free-kindle-promotion/ – first come, first serve $25 flat fee
  5. http://authormarketingclub.com/members/announce-your-free-book – Need to sign up for a free account to announce your book here
  6. http://ereadergirl.com/submit-your-ebook/
  7. http://awesomegang.com/submit-your-book
  8. http://www.thatbookplace.com/free-promo-submissions/
  9. http://freekindlefiction.blogspot.com/p/tell-us-about-free-books.html
  10. http://www.freebookdude.com/2014/03/list-your-free-amazon-kindle-books.html
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFpBd0JUMk9KZzZ0TXJBYXRENFZYMVE6MQ
  12. http://www.totallyfreestuff.com/submit.asp
  13. http://ebookshabit.com/for-authors/
  14. http://bargainebookhunter.com/free-book-notification-form/ – It is recommended that you contact us a week or more in advance of when you have planned your KDP Select free days.  Please include the title, dates your book will be free, and the ASIN or a link to your book on Amazon. Do not cloak, shorten or include your amazon affiliate code in your life.  Such actions will guarantee your book will be ignored!
  15. http://indiebookoftheday.com/authors/free-on-kindle-listing/
  16. http://ebooklister.net/submit.php
  17. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFEyLTFUSHREd05KaVItaDdUUkVVNGc6MA#gid=0
  18. http://www.frugal-freebies.com/p/submit-freebie.html
  19. http://www.theereadercafe.com/p/authors.html
  20. http://onehundredfreebooks.com/author-free-kindle-book-submission.html
  21. http://igniteyourbook.com/free-ebook-submission – They only accept eBooks that are currently available through Amazon.com, books can only be listed once andd duplicate submissions will be deleted, your book must be free for the entire time period you indicate on your submission page and your book can only be featured for a total of 14 days, so choose wisely.
  22. http://ebookdealofday.com/free-book-feature/ (Romance only, $5 to be featured)
  23. http://ebookdealoftheday.co.uk/free-book-feature/ (UK – Romance only)
  24. http://www.armadilloebooks.com/submit-free-ebooks/
  25. http://bookfreebies.com/submit-book.php
  26. http://bookangel.co.uk/submit-your-book/
  27. http://bookdealhunter.com/submit-free-book/ (must be an e-mail subscriber to their blog)
  28. http://bookgoodies.com/submit-your-free-kindle-days/
  29. http://bookpinning.com/?sws=home/submit-book
  30. http://contentmo.com/submit-your-free-ebook-promo
  31. http://freekindlefiction.blogspot.com/p/tell-us-about-free-books.html (fiction only)
  32. http://form.jotformpro.com/form/21078469493969 (for the Kindle Book Review)
  33. http://www.ereaderperks.com/authors/
  34. http://www.ereaderutopia.com/
  35. http://freedigitalreads.com/author-submissions/
  36. http://free-kindle-books.deha-solutions.com/promote-your-book/
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  40. http://freediscountedbooks.com/submit/ (must sign up for a free account)
  41. http://lovelybookpromotions.com/?page_id=124
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  44. http://www.iloveebooks.com/for-authors.html

8 Places To Submit Your Book On Your Free Days:

You are not able to do this tasks ahead of time, but for extra exposure can submit your book to these sites the day of your free promotion when you book is actually free.
  1. http://snickslist.com/books/place-ad/
  2. http://www.kornerkonnection.com/index.html
  3. http://addictedtoebooks.com/free – you must have an account and must post it only on the day it is free
  4. http://www.worldliterarycafe.com/forum/171 – you must have an account and must submit it on the thread for the day it is free only
  5. http://www.indie-book-bargains.co.uk/addBook.php
  6. Stumble your book sales page on Amazon.com.  See this video tutorial I created if you’re not sure how to do this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5vIADBqbyQ
  7. Add your book page to Reddit.com and use an appropriate subreddit.  See this video tutorial I created if you’re not sure how to do this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO2VTIeBYq4
  8. http://www.freeebooksdaily.com/p/blog-page_17.html – send her a tweet or Facebook message and she will promote it as able

{Bonus } 7 Christian Genre Specific Websites:

  1. Christian Kindle News – $10 to submit your book, http://christiankindlenews.com/submit-0-99-ebook-listing/
  2. Spirit Filled Kindle http://spiritfilledkindle.com/ – contact Pauline at hosannahighest (at) hotmail.com.  Also you can add @P_Creeden #RT to your tweet, and they will retweet you to their twitter followers once/week!
  3. Faithful Reads – http://faithfulreads.com/authors/
  4. Inspired Reads – Christian bargain ebooks http://www.inspiredreads.com/contact/
  5. http://christianbookreaders.com/submit-your-free-books/
  6. Post on CrossReads forums on the thread for the date your book is free (requires a free membership) http://crossreads.com/community/forumdisplay.php?10-FREE-Books
  7. Christian Women Reader’s Club – Must register for a free membership prior to submitting your book. You can then promote up to two books a month free of charge: http://cwwriters.com/readers/for-authors/submit-your-book/  

Purchase Advertising for Your Free Promotion

It is a TON of work to submit to all of these sites and go through my 11-step checklist.  Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing advertising instead.
2/26/14 UPDATE:  Previously we recommended a service called, “Free Book Service.”  In December I had e-mailed Amazon to make sure it was okay to use a service like this and they said yes.  However, Amazon has changed their mind.  This was brought to our attention from other authors and we e-mailed Amazon directly to confirm.  This was their reply…
While we support the legitimate promotional efforts of our publishers, we have determined that Free Book Service’s services manipulate Kindle sales rank. We take activities that jeopardize the experience of our customers and our publishers very seriously and may take action against publisher accounts that engage in sales rank manipulation.
Therefore, we no longer recommend you use that service.  However, there are many websites you can get paid advertising and we outline these in our book, Author Publicity Pack.
One such site is BookLemur. This website promotes eBooks priced under $2.99 (including free book promotions) on their website, via genre targeted e-mails and on social media.  They allow you to select the date of your promotion, however, they do fill up fast, so make sure you purchase your ad in advance here.
Anyone that knows me well, knows that I operate in an ethical way and will not do anything that puts my KDP account in jeopardy.  If I have a question about something, I will e-mail Amazon directly.  If they say it is okay, then I trust their word and vice versa.  For example, last year, many authors were using fancy HTML code in their book descriptions on Amazon.  I e-mailed Amazon and they said it was against their terms of service to use that kind of code.   Therefore, although I wanted to use the fancy HTML code, I didn’t.
I want you to be able to trust our recommendations and know that we do thorough research before recommending any product or service.  If you have any questions on this, please let us know.

Reaching an International Audience

Kindle books do reach an international audience.  However, there are some countries that are not currently able to download free Kindle books.  If your targeting these countries with your promotion, you may want to try a different method.
Kindles and Kindle content are NOT available in the following countries: (as of December 2014)
To get the most updated information, simply contact Amazon via your KDP dashboard.
United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Eritrea, The Gambia, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mali, Mauritania, Maldives, Malaysia, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Somalia, Syria, Chad, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen

What Has Worked for You?

Have you used the KDP select program?  If so, share your results with us below.  Also, if you have any other websites to add, share them in the comments so we can add them to our list.

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