Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

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A story with tens of thousands of articles.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to Write Content that People will Always want to Read and Share and a RANT.





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Hasil gambar untuk gambar read and share

That’s it.
I’m updating the very popular freelance writing ebook 101 Ways to Get Paid to Write with a section about the clowns you should avoid.
That means not only will I share with you over 100 great opportunities to get paid as a freelance writer but starting now I will also share a list of the sites and people that you should steer clear of.
If you have a nightmare story dealing with some client that you would like to add to the list please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the updated version of the eBook.


I understand where you’re coming from if you feel desperate and you really NEED this freelance writing thing to work out.
I get it.
It’s not a game.
That’s why I want to save you some time and heartache by letting you know about the ways of the clown and how to stay away from them BEFORE you get BURNED in one of their circus stunts.


They need you.
The truth is you CAN make money online with NO clients by building niche sites like Steve Scott or Spencer Haws.
You need to know ALL your options before you get emotionally involved and start feeling bad because someone won’t publish your post.
As the writer YOU are the source of the content which is the lifeblood of any website.
The content is the VALUE and if you have been following this blog you should know that VALUE is GREATER than MONEY.
This is why we always spend our money trying to get the most VALUE for every dollar.

However, as a FREELANCER you have to start to think like a business and stop the EMPLOYEE mindset.
As a business you have to understand that the products you manufacture, “articles” ALWAYS have value when placed in the right context.

This is how Steve and Spencer make money every month without worrying about submitting pitches or following up with some idiotic client.
They just create awesome useful content that they know people are searching for and put it out there.
Check out this video:

The easiest way to create content that you know people will want to read is to do something that you know people want to do.
It’s really as simple as that.
That’s how I sell eBooks every month on my trucking site.
The logic is very simple but EXTREMELY powerful.
Think about it, how many people do you know that would like to learn how to get their CDL to drive a semi-truck?

Here’s a better question.
How many people do you think would like to learn how to install a new entrance door in a house?
I did.
In the video above that’s exactly what I and Sox Dingo the Dog was doing at the Home Depot yesterday.
We were picking up materials so that I could put a door where there used to be a wall.
Just like most people in 2013 the first step I took with this process was to search the internet for “How to install an entrance door”.
I found a few videos like this one from Bob the Builder.
I also noticed some videos produced by Home Depot and their competitor Lowes.
After seeing the hundreds of thousands of views these videos have, it dawned on me the best strategy for most people may not be just freelance writing after all.
Why not pursue the best opportunity for you?
I know I’ve have said the easiest way to make $1,000 online is as a freelance writer BUT the best $1,000 you can make is for something you’ve already done.
This is REAL wealth.
Recurring perpetual payments.
This is where the GOLD is hidden.

It’s more difficult and it takes longer but so does a good home cooked meal right?
Listen, if you keep thinking short-term then you will find yourself in a real pinch like the idiots in government.
If you are not planting seeds for the long term by building affiliate sites then you are making a MASSIVE mistake.
You have to diversify your income as a business owner.
Do not make the mistake of becoming dependent on only your freelance writing which actually makes the client you are writing for MORE money than it makes YOU.
That’s why they are paying your rate to write because it’s worth at least twice that much to them.
Think about it.

Now think about what you would like to do in order to take your online business to another level.

I recommend learning by doing instead of sitting around wasting time attending a bunch of boring online seminars and listening to other people talk about their success while they try to sale you on another “make money online” eBook or membership you don’t need.

Where to start?
Last February I wrote about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.
If you look at the pyramid you will see that all people have basic needs to maintain life.
If you focus your efforts on assisting in these important areas then you will surely add value which will lead to money.
Ultimately people are concerned with water, food, shelter and then they focus on a number of things in order from there.
This presents a HUGE opportunity for you to step in and share your personal experience that would be like a god-send to the masses of people out there searching for this exact info.

If you noticed the video from Bob the Builder was originally uploaded in 2007.
This video has over 300,000 views because the instructions are still accurate today.
However, as someone who just put in a door yesterday I can testify to some of the steps that he left out and I could have created a video to fill in these steps and uploaded it as a step by step guide.
Do you think more people on YouTube would want to watch this how-to video or watch me rant about freelance writing?

In closing.
I want you to be successful so I’m challenging you to use strategy as you build your online business.
Whatever you do please don’t become dependent on clients.
DIVERSIFY and recognize the source of the VALUE and MONEY all comes from one place, YOU.

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