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Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

to be a faithful Witness for JESUS

Do you desire to be a faithful Witness for JESUS but you are not sure what to do? There's GOOD NEWS for you! You can start to Witness for CHRIST right here on Facebook if you will act right now by following Pastor's guidelines below:
Dear friends and family in CHRIST. Do you know it is so easy for Christians to be encouragers to one another and to spur each other to actively and faithfully Witness for CHRIST to the Glory of GOD?
Here are two simple ways that everyone who loves JESUS and wants to further GOD'S Kingdom Work to point many to find Eternal Life in CHRIST, can very easily do here on Facebook:
1.0 When you come across or read a God honoring and Biblically correct post or sermon, or see a request for prayer on your Facebook Page or on any Facebook Groups you are surfing through online, you can start to be a Witness for JESUS and to be a Spiritual Encourager to one another if you will only take time and love to just "Click LIKE".
2.0 Secondly, you can also "Click SHARE" and/or "Click COMMENT" and share a few encouraging words to the Glory of GOD.
If you know how to Click, you already know the simplest way to Witness for JESUS here on Facebook, even when you have nothing to write on your own.
By your action to Click SHARE, or your action to Click LIKE on what other Christians have posted on Facebook Pages or on Facebook Groups, you are already Witnessing to others with GOD'S WORD and GOD'S GOSPEL MESSAGE.
See, that's all it takes for you to do to start Witnessing For JESUS. No one who is reading this has any excuse to say they do not know what to do in order to start Witnessing For CHRIST. We all can do it.
May GOD bless you and encourage you to start and continue to actively share JESUS CHRIST As SAVIOR And LORD everyday.
May you also actively point the way for many, many souls who still do not know that JESUS Loves Them and Wants To Forgive Sinners And Grant Them Eternal Life.
May you also daily actively show many, many people how to make a Personal Commitment Step By Step On How To Invite JESUS CHRIST into their hearts to be their SAVIOR And LORD.
Secondly, what about you. Are you a Saved Soul yet? If not, you need JESUS CHRIST to save you from your sins desperately. Only JESUS CHRIST alone has been given all Authority and Power by GOD THE FATHER to forgive sin and grant Eternal Life to all who will repent before Him.
Know this Bible Truth - Only forgiven sinners can enter into GOD'S Eternal Home called HEAVEN and live with GOD forever and ever when life ends on earth and the departed soul enters into Eternity.
If you want your soul to goto HEAVEN after you die, you can still. You must believe GOD and JESUS CHRIST and THE HOLY BIBLE Is GOD'S LIVING WORD. You must in faith in prayer confess your sins, repent and turn now, obey and surrender your life fully to the Authority and Lordship of JESUS CHRIST - THE SON OF GOD.
This is because JESUS CHRIST Has Died For The Sins Of The Whole World In Order To Rescue Sinners Everywhere From GOD'S Final Judgment against Unforgiven Sin. There is no other name in Heaven and on Earth whereby one can receive forgiveness for sin except the Mighty Name of JESUS CHRIST.
Pastor will now lead you STEP BY STEP In Prayer as you Commit and Repent before GOD. Know that GOD will hear you if you truly mean what you say.
In true sincere heart and spirit before GOD, say these words aloud to GOD in Prayer sentence by sentence after Pastor, with your eyes open:
Dear LORD JESUS CHRIST, I believe you are the SON OF GOD. I believe you are THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. Only You Alone has been given all authority and power to forgive my sins and to give me the Gift of Eternal Life.
Thank you Lord JESUS for dying for my sins by the shedding of your precious and holy blood on the Cross on Calvary's Hill.
You were buried. You rose from the dead on the third day and is now seated in glory and honor on the right hand of Father GOD in Heaven.
LORD JESUS, I hereby confess I am a Sinner before you. I am sorry for all my sins. I repent before you now. I turn now from the broad way that leads to destruction to the narrow way that leads to life in you. Please forgive me for every sin I have ever committed.
I humbly ask you to come into my life to be my SAVIOR AND MY LORD. I want to trust, to obey and to follow you. I hereby willingly submit fully under your Authority and your LORDSHIP.
Upon the Authority of GOD'S WORD - The Holy Bible, I now claim your Free Gift Of Eternal Life. I claim your Promise to write my name in The LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE in HEAVEN.
Thank you LORD JESUS for SAVING My Soul and giving me ETERNAL LIFE to live with you in HEAVEN forever and ever.
Please help me LORD JESUS to abide in you and in your WORD daily. Give me your strength to remain faithful to follow, to obey and to do your commands from this day forward.
I pray all this giving you grateful thanks in your Mighty Name, LORD JESUS. Amen.
Hallelujah! If you have in true sincere faith confessed this PRAYER before GOD and you mean what you had confessed, Pastor rejoices to Welcome you into The Family Of CHRIST.
Now that you are a New Believer In JESUS, you need to start to regularly read the Holy Bible, to pray and to learn more about GOD'S WORD. You also need to spend time with other Christian Believers who can help, encourage and guide you in your new walk with JESUS.
Wherever you are, Pastor encourages you to locate a Bible Believing and Bible Preaching Church that honors JESUS CHRIST near to you and ask to speak with the Pastor there.
Let the Pastor know that you have ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST TO BE YOUR SAVIOR AND LORD and you would like to fellowship with the Church and to learn and grow strong in your new walk with JESUS. GOD bless you and keep you safe in His Fold always. Amen.
Add me as friend if you would like to be ministered with GOD’S WORD here in our Church on Facebook on a regular basis. And come often to our Facebook Page so you may fellowship here and receive spiritual nourishment for your soul. GOD bless you. Pastor Ben Soon.
COME AND HEAR: THE CHRISTIAN FAITH Shows You The WAY To Enter Into HEAVEN - Passionately Preached By Pastor Ben Soon
Wow! THE CHRISTIAN FAITH is not Religion, not Charity or Church Membership. It is Life & Death, your ETERNAL SOUL. Pastor Ben Soon (Snowy Mountain Church)
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