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Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Guest Post: 25 One-Liner Tips for Live Chat Success

Guest Post: 25 One-Liner Tips for Live Chat Success 

IMG_256More and more websites are turning to live chat software every day. This plugin comes with many advantages for both parties; website visitors who are looking for a product or service and business. However, it’s necessary to maintain your live chat properly because this investment can backfire. So, here are twenty-five tips on how to be successful with introducing this software to your online pages.

1. Provoke your customers.

Your chat bar needs to pop. When a visitor arrives on your website, you need to provoke them with a provocative chat window that opens automatically.
2. Provide a conversation transcript.

In order to help your visitors long-term, you should send them a transcript of your conversation via email.
3. Automatize greeting messages.

You should strive towards eradicating all mechanical parts from the job description of your support team. By introducing automatized greeting messages, your employees will be able to focus on assistance only.

4. Offer different areas of expertise.

When you train your employees to provide live chat assistance, you should narrow their area of expertise. That way, they will make fewer mistakes and be able to give professional tips which are to the point.

5. Direct your visitors.

When you provide an initial survey before the conversation even starts, you will save more of your time and your visitors’ time as well. They can simply select which type of professional assistance they are in need of.

6. Typing…

In order to make live chats engaging, you should add the “typing…” notification to your chat bar and thus show your visitors that they will be given assistance shortly.

7. Train your support agents.

Although live chat support doesn’t seem like a difficult job, it actually is. Your support team needs to be highly qualified to satisfy your audience which is why they require training.

8. Agent switch.

When your support agent receives a question that’s out of their area of expertise, they need to be able to transfer a potential customer to a different agent within seconds.

9. High-quality response rate.

When you introduce live chat software to your website, your team needs to be capable of responding to new messages within ten seconds. If you fail to do this, your target audience will go right to your competition.

10. Archive your conversations.

A live support chat isn’t useful to customers only. A conversation held via live chat is first-hand information that comes directly from your customers, which you should definitely archive.

11. Implement chat buttons to your email.

Once you introduce live chat to your website, you should direct your circle of customers to it – adding a link button to your email is an efficient way to do so.

12. Combine customer relationship management with live chat.

The whole point of live chat is in personalizing online experiences; in order to do it properly, you will need CRM on your side.

13. Analyze your archives.

The information you gather thanks to living chat software should be used to improve the quality of your products or services.

14. Personalize your live chat.

Greeting a visitor with an automatized message is effective, but a good day message containing their name as well is definitely more effective.

15. Offer advanced product or service options.

Other than providing assistance, your support team should also have up selling in mind and advise your visitors to get a better version of a product they’re in need of.

16. Include cross-selling.

Apart from offering a better product, your agents should also offer products or services that go along with a particular item a potential customer is interested in.

17. Position your live chat bar.

Your live chat bar needs to be visible and easily accessible.

18. Give your visitors an option to express their chat related satisfaction.

After a conversation, you should provide your visitors with an option to fill out a survey so that they can express their level of their satisfaction.

19. Provide your visitors with different options to get in touch with you.

Different kinds of customers prefer different communication channels, so your live chat should contain all of them – voice, video, and regular chat.
20. Keep track of your performance.

A live chat software needs to increase conversions – you should keep constant track of the changes that occur after you introduce it to your website.

21. Update your FAQ page by using the chat as a knowledge source.

Thanks to your chat conversation archives, you’ll be able to clearly see what your website is missing and you can update your FAQ page based on the repetitive questions you receive.

22. Monitor your employees.

Maintaining live chat is a lot more than IT support. Monitoring your employees will show you what kind of mistakes they are making and where there’s room for improvements.

23. Be available 24/7.

Although this task does require an additional workforce, providing your visitors with support throughout the day and during weekends as well is definitely a smart investment.

24. Represent your brand.

The chat bar needs to fit your website, so make sure it’s colored with the shades of your brand so it doesn’t look like a patch on your pages, but like an extension.

25. Provide genuine assistance.

The point of live chats from a business perspective is to increase sales, but that should not be your primary goal. Being assertive and providing genuine assistance to your visitors will be wildly appreciated.

Following these guidelines will enable you to have a support agent team that’s highly capable, make your visitors very satisfied with your service and improve your website based on the feedback you receive. Making this investment and using live chat to its maximum potential definitely, has a long-term payoff.

Author Bio:

Jason is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat. He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.

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